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I decided to make that RPG post, yay. Well, series, it looks like. As I was typing up just for portables and it was already getting long. I have entirely too many role-playing games. I've also decided to throw out some strategy games, so they'll be here too.

Organized by platform and then title.

All Nintendo Handhelds

Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Tara's Adventure
I've beaten Tara's Adventure once before, but... I'll say it now: I am a total sucker for raising monsters. I've played a very large portion of monster raising games out there, and I can get into hours-long discussions about them. It helps that DWM is a solidly built game all the way around: easy to learn, hard to master, and packed with endgame content. Now if only my sister actually played the Cobi's Journey I got her so I could hatch this dream egg I found after searching through at least fifteen key worlds.

Dragon Warrior III
Though a very simple game, I have a soft spot for its pre-FFVII earnestness in telling a straight heroic tale. Also I love naming characters. I'm pretty sure all the characters in my game are named after Gintama characters, because there was a period of time where I named everything after Gintama characters.
I also liked how you got a Vitality-jacking item early on. I turned my thief into a total tank with it. The world's fastest tank.
Since I'm almost done with it, I see absolutely no reason to leave it unbeated.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
A quick look at my save file reveals I spent 93 hours on this game.
That's entirely too much.
In addition, while I found it fun, I can't really recall the name of a single party member, or a killer strategy I had, or anything like that--you know, signs of good games. I do remember, however, that battles started off feeling slow and ended feeling repetitive. Ah, to be young and have 93 spare hours...

Fire Emblem/Sacred Stones (7 & 8)
It's hard to go wrong with Fire Emblem. Really, any game that makes me feel total utter attachment to what is usually a bunch of faceless mooks on a battlefield deserves a keep. I prefer Sacred Stones a little for its easier-ness, but its predecessor has better characters overall, so...

Lunar Legend
I just booted this up and wow I forgot how old school anime it was
I haven't played this one in a really long time, but I remember enjoying it a lot when I was young. I'm worried that a lot of the things I liked about it as a kid I'll find dumb now: namely, the revelation of the lead villain and the one of the hero's girlfriend/adoptive sister (man that's kinda wrong, isn't it?). Also, though the battle does feature more characters than I've ever seen elsewhere, it's not really that complex or engaging--in fact, it's pretty much 100% straightforward. I'm willing to give it a chance, though.

Mario and Luigi
While my memories of this game are mediocre at best, there is a good chance I was playing it totally wrong (level 37 at final boss doors, did not drink too many stat enhancers) and it only took 30 hours. And hey, I can remember more of its plot that 93-hour FFTA. It's worth a second try.

Megaman: Battle Network 2
I think this is an RPG at least?? I just inherited it. I don't really know anything about it, though.

Monster Rancher 1&2
You know what I like about Monster Rancher? It takes the concept of a monster raising game and boils it down to its most basic ideas. No need for battles of good and evil here, good sir. Just RAISAN THE MONS, FIGHTAN THE MONS. BE THE BEST. The games balance their simplicity well by being fairly challenging. Monster Rancher is one of the few franchises that I love unconditionally--even when they do teeter into dumb territory, like in 5/EVO.

Pokemon Blue/Yellow/Gold/Crystal/Sapphire/Leaf Green/Diamond/Heart Gold

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
My first impressions of this game were really positive. A FFTA play-alike where you could have a FUCKING DRAGON in your party? Sold beyond sold! But as I continued playing it, several flaws became apparent. One, battles progressed at laboriously slow rates, and there was no way to speed them up. Two, a lot of really important features of FFTA that made it somewhat interesting to play were missing: classes were very limited, it was really difficult to change them, and there weren't a lot of interesting combinations you could make. Also you couldn't set what direction you faced at the end of the turn. Three, the FUCKING DRAGONS fucking sucked.

The World Ends with You
Honestly, the only reason I kept this is because I felt guilty getting rid of it. It's supposed to be amazing, but I got about halfway through and I was not feeling the spark. I still feel guilty about getting rid of it, so if any of you have played it and want to convince me otherwise, feel free to do so in the comments! There's a pretty good chance you'll sell it to me.
My chief complaints was that the two-screen battle system was really cool in theory, but in practice just ended with me being unable to multitask and dying everywhere; I could not for the life of me figure out the button-leveling system; and the characters were only half-likable at best. I ended up not being able to beat the math guy before giving up.
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