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I only ever post about my roleplaying life here

But before I go all "this is my rp life," have some answers to an ancient meme.

The "Better Than It Sounds" meme, to be exact. Just going over the ones no one guessed.

3. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
4. Chrono Cross
5. Sense and Sensibility
6. "Manos" the Hands of Fate
7. Firefly
8. Wonderfalls
9. Wuthering Heights
11. Xenosaga
12. To Kill a Mockingbird
13. Casablanca
14. Pushing Daisies
15. Dark City
18. Star Trek: The Original Series
20. Homestuck

Now roleplaying. I've been getting back into it, joining a few new boards and the like. I'm sure my LJ friends know which one is my favorite. =) I've also found an HM board that looks non-cliquey, so hope that works out. I'm also drumming up interest for a silly space opera... things are good.

Today's RP rant is a strange one. Recently I've discovered a very strange phenomenon: people playing canon characters in the wrong canon. So I've looked through a few Harvest Moon boards, right? For some reason, the casts of Glee and Phoenix Wright are running around on them. No, these boards aren't specifically listed as panfandom; they're either 98% original or 100% Harvest Moon. This isn't isolated to one board, either. It's on several boards. In fact it almost came to the one I ran, but I put my foot down. But most admins seem to be okay with this wrong-canon-ness, even joining in on it.

This really, truly baffles me. Why don't you just play on a Glee or Phoenix Wright forum? Or why don't you set up your own AU or panfandom if you want to play with characters not in those canons, or those canon characters in a totally different situation?

One day if I snap and start submitting joke applications to games, my character will be Gregory Mann. He's a hobo who likes to pretend he's a detective, and he goes around wearing an old timey trenchcoat and fedora. He misses milkmen and refuses to believe they were obsoleted by refrigerators, instead holding the belief that some person or group is hiding them for sinister purposes. He spends most of the time sneaking around, and if anyone looks at him funny, he whips out a prop and pretends to be someone else.

If this character actually got accepted, then it would become a game to see how long I could play him without anyone getting the reference.
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