galifreak (galifreak) wrote,

Let's do a meme

From tacster002 and revortay.

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. An old man spends several lifetimes convincing hot young things to join him inside an ancient (time traveling) phone box. He is routinely harassed by tin men, giant nazi pepperpots and his old college buddies. Doctor Who

2. Guy accidentally destroys a food offering. To prevent the violent consequences of such act, he hires a circus troupe. A Bug's Life

3. The eldest son of an Irish-American warrior clan attempts to redeem himself in the eyes of his parents while attempting to cure other people's strange medical problems.

4. A teenage boy is made to fight his father and the local gods in between two timelines in order to free a girl from an alien parasite monster. Beating the final boss triggers the bad ending.

5. Two sisters are complete opposites. One is in love with a guy who's too nice for his own good, and the other falls for a lech.

6. A family gets lost on their way to a lodge. They spend the night at the home of a polygamist and his sexually-deprived, acid-dropping, satyr groundskeeper.

7. A pair of bitter war veterans, a prostitute, a mercenary with an ugly hat, a cute mechanic, a Hawaiian-shirt wearing pilot, a preacher with a Mysterious Past, a socially inept medical genius and the cutest little psychotic killing machine ever all get together on a ship. They Do Crime!

8. A 20something woman hears voices and goes to the bar a lot.

9. Girl falls for bad boy, but marries someone else. Bad boy chucks an Emo-fit and seeks revenge.

10. A kid runs away from the circus, learns Psychic Powers by collecting random junk to earn merit badges, and must save the world from an angry midget and a mad dentist. Psychonauts

11. A hot scientist builds a hot robot, Jesus rides a spaceship, and a Psychopathic Manchild severs his body parts to frighten a little girl.

12. Mentally-challenged man rescues ham from poor white trash out to avenge family honor.

13. After a long time, a guy meets his ex-girlfriend, who ditched him for another guy. He's bitter and jealous, but he begins to fall in love with her again. And then he forces her to stay with the other guy.

14. A baker/necromancer brings his murdered girlfriend back to life; together with an undead dog, a cynical private eye, and a singing waitress, they solve gruesome yet hilarious murders.

15. An amnesiac fights aliens at night with the help of an asthmatic psychologist.

16. A cowardly man with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner given to him by a scientist saves his brother from kidnappers and becomes independently wealthy, solely by vacuuming his house with the vacuum cleaner he got from the scientist. Luigi's Mansion

17. The world's nascent chance of salvation is a boy who farms water in a desert and has inappropriate sexual attraction to his sister. He kills millions of enemy soldiers through exploitation of faulty safety regulations. Star Wars: A New Hope

18. A Grumpy Old Man, a Straw Vulcan and a tremendous manslut save the world galaxy.

19. Mystery author butts into murder investigations much to annoyance of uptight police officer. UST ensues. Castle

20. A group of teens trade insults over IM and play an online Alternate Reality Game.

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