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The Sunny Island Saga, Chapter 2: Case of the Vanishing Affiliates

Well, I asked for a new chapter, didn't I? It doesn't have anything to do with an idiot member, at least, so I have my sanity and these posts are less likely to be angry raging for five paragraphs and more... paranoid tendencies, maybe. Maybe even with some conspiracy theories involved. Adventure, intrigue, all that good stuff.

...And by the by, Sunny Island is the name of the board. XD So yes, let's tell Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 starts a good way through Chapter 1, actually. To vent any built up frustration I had when dealing with Idiot Girl, I frequently RPed at a different forum. It was also Harvest-Moon based and hosted on the same server mine was. We were affiliates and everything, pretty close.

One day--I made a forum announcement about it, so I know it's November 28 specifically, the admin from this other board started putting messages in our chatbox. They have been lost because SOMEONE (=P) was spamming it up and pushed the messages far away, but basically they said this:
Hey guys, if any of you are members at [other site], it's been deleted. I tried logging on today and it was gone. We don't know if it was a TOS violation or someone hacked into the forums, but I suspect the latter.

Paranoid little me got to thinking: if it was a hacking, there is a possibility that it's one or a bunch or people who want to take down as many sites as they can for the fun of it. And since we were affiliates, Sunny Island could very well end with the same fate. So I took precautions. I changed my password and I disabled the ability for people to use HTML (which, if you're crafty enough, you can use to easily hack a board, I hear). I then explained why no one could use HTML anymore in an announcement.

Time passes. The incident is in the back of my mind while I tackle the Idiot problem, and I keep wondering if I should enable HTML again. I tell myself to wait for at least a month to pass with no word, so I do.

Today, someone whose name I recognize from other HM forums appears and posts this in our Chatbox:
Guys, just to warn you, more HM RPGs in IF [our forum host] got deleted. o_o D: Take cover and tighten security!

So I check my affiliates, and sure enough another one is down. While I'm visiting an RP resource site to ask for security tips, I find a topic created by the one who warned me in the Chatbox: FOUR Harvest Moon sites using our particular hosting service are down.

So much for HTML. =P

I'm worried because we have an inactive admin account who may have a very easy to guess password and I have no way of contacting her. @___@ But I'm still taking whatever precautions I can. I changed my password again today.

If there are any new installments in this much more exciting saga, I'll be certain to report! =D

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