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The End of One Saga, the Beginning of Another

Idiot girl on the Harvest Moon roleplay forum was permanently banned for defying all expectations and still being an idiot after suspension.

You ask how it's possible to demonstrate your idiocy while still on a temporary ban.

Okay, you already know the original story. Basically she bent a lot of rules every once in a while and I wanted to be a nice admin so I let her slide a lot. Until it got to be too much. There's just one missing part of the story: she apparently had a younger sister who she showed the site to. She was too young to join, but every once in a while she'd come to the site and post in our cbox to demonstrate wholly that she was entirely unable to check "users online" and spammed line after line if anyone was here.

I asked her not to spam, and she said she wouldn't. But she still did.

I told her to get an IM client to talk to her bestest best friends there. This is when idiot member butted in, told me she'd take responsibility for her sisters actions, and told me it wouldn't happen again.

It happened again.

I was just about ready to explode in the cbox, but hey. Our cbox is public, and it looks really unprofessional. But idiot's sister left no means to contact her outside the board other than through her sister. So I PMed her.

Basically, I said "Tell [your idiot sister] that the administration doesn't want to see her here anymore." She said "Okay, I can do that, and once again I'll take responsibility for her."

So I wait for the matter to be resolved. Then I see the cbox. The last few messages? Idiot girl yelling at her sister.

Exactly what I didn't want.

I didn't particularly say not to do that, but it's common netiquette. So I suspended her.

Today, idiot girl's sister was on the chatbox yelling at idiot girl, apparently. At this point I realize hey, I can delete all these messages and make the site look more user-friendly, so I go to do that.

It's then I notice that Idiot girl and her "sister" have the same IP.

All right, I know this can happen if you happen to use the same network. But magically, they both had a dynamic IP that often overlapped and magically happened to match up when they were both on the chatbox at the same time.

And creating duplicate personas is against our rules: "Do not impersonate anyone real or fictional" is right in the first line. So I went through, banned every dynamic IP I could find and kept the girl from posting ever again.

What happens now? I have my sanity back, certainly. And without her around to sap my energy, I'd like to put all my effort into making the board a better place. She was our most active member and it may be difficult getting activity back up there, but it's bound to happen eventually. I'd like to consider this a new chapter for the board, and hopefully one with less frustration and drama.


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