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Things in Harvest Moon RP land are not very swell.

First off--that staff member I got three days ago? She quit last night. Funnily enough, she quit the very second I assigned her work. So once again I'm alone and desperately looking for a staff member because I just cannot juggle rules revisions, application reviews, and about ten threads by myself.

And then all the members are passive aggressive and say things like "Well, I can be as active as you" and then log on once a week. If you had my outrageous work load, you'd be posting this infrequently too.

But okay, the real reason I'm posting this is because I need some second opinions on a particular member.

This girl, first of all, is a terrible RPer. She got into the game because she looked like she wanted to improve, but after about one post with a lot of effort behind it she went back to typing up one-liners. That's fine; she gives us about 90% of our activity.

But lately she's been acting like she runs the forums. She keeps pestering me for staff power, even though she is clearly unqualified, and then she makes assumptions about setting and rules that go against the common canon for boards like these or my intentions for the board. She never bothers to ask me if something is okay (and hey, if you ask first, I'll say "yes" to about anything, except maybe "Can I post a topic with nothing in it but pictures I did not draw that are supposed to represent my Mary Sue RP Character?"). I even gave her an official warning about this and though she's asked a few times if something is all right before going ahead, she's still breaking rules and I'm frankly tired of babysitting her.

But you know, maybe I'm over-reacting to the situation. Maybe I need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and get a second opinion.

It comes down to the fact that I'm thinking of banning her. Here is the most objective list of things she has done that I have not agreed with that I can compile:

-General bad RPing; perfect characters, hogs the spotlight, creates more characters than she can handle, writes one-sentence posts, throws her characters at anything with a penis; etc.
-Says she wants to improve, if by "improve" I mean "puts a conscious effort into her next two posts and then reverts"
-Fails to meet minimum requirements when posting new character applications every time
-Godmodded to give her character a house; we have pretty specific rules for when and where your character can build a house and her character was not meeting specifications
-Created a "photo album" (basically a topic where you post a bunch of pictures you did not draw and say "This is my character doing this) without asking; there is no specific forum for it nor are they listed anywhere in the rules
-Although the canon takes place on a very secluded island (with zero electronics by video game canon), she inserted pop culture references and watching video tapes in her RP (when I told her VCRs were a little advanced for the island, her excuse was "i thought vcrs came out in the 1800s" which I can't believe)
-Uses Cbox as an instant messaging system, constantly saying things like "IS ANYONE ON" and "OH RL FRIEND WHO ISN'T A MEMBER ON THE FORUM GUESS WHO RICKY IS DATING NOW"
-In her most recent and most baffling move yet, she made a post to her character profile about her character's relationships, even though we have a separate forum for that and she has posted in it before.

Here is a list of the pros of banning her:

-I regain my sanity
-I spend more time on important board matters and less time fixing mistakes made by this member

Here are the cons of banning her:

-Activity plummets
-Any members who are her friends leave, so that's like... four other lost members?

I've already given her an official warning. What do I do now? Do I just keep gently chastising her, maybe issue another warning? Tell her that maybe this site isn't for her? Outright ban her? I want some second opinions before I act. Please give me some advice, and if you know anyone who may be able to help me, please direct them to this journal so I can get some extra opinions. I don't want to be a bad admin, but in this situation I don't know what being a bad admin is.

Thanks for taking the time to read that, and if you leave a comment with feedback, that's appreciated, too. =3

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