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A Year in Gaming: WELP


Truth to be told, I've been drawing so much for adventures that I can't really find time to play video games. I'm almost done with Phoenix Wright but I haven't touched Pikmin yet, opting instead to play Mass Effect when I'm home. Even then that's pretty sad progress. So I think today I will talk about the tired subject of "Growing Up and Realizing You're Too Old for Some Video Games."

Not all video games, of course. There are still tons out there that I'll gladly make time for. Ones that are really fulfilling, really worth playing.

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A Year in Gaming

So, recently my sister sold a bunch of her games. A whole bunch. And then I sold some of mine.

I've been getting back into gaming lately, but even then, looking at my extensive game collection, I realized there were many I'd never get back to. Some games never got passed up in re-sale, but looking back on them, I kept thinking was I ever really going to play this again?

So I made a rule for myself. If I kept a game, I had to beat in in 2011.

I compiled a list of all the games I have to beat, and I thought it would be fun to blog about them all on livejournal. So that's exactly what I'll do.

I'll keep two games running at once--one console game, one handheld.
If the audience at home would like to play along, the first handheld game is to be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The console game is Pikmin!

And finally, the masterlist:

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And so that's that. I'll try to blog about the games regularly--once a week, maybe? I think daily would be too hard. Let's see how this goes!
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I only ever post about my roleplaying life here

But before I go all "this is my rp life," have some answers to an ancient meme.

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Now roleplaying. I've been getting back into it, joining a few new boards and the like. I'm sure my LJ friends know which one is my favorite. =) I've also found an HM board that looks non-cliquey, so hope that works out. I'm also drumming up interest for a silly space opera... things are good.

Today's RP rant is a strange one. Recently I've discovered a very strange phenomenon: people playing canon characters in the wrong canon. So I've looked through a few Harvest Moon boards, right? For some reason, the casts of Glee and Phoenix Wright are running around on them. No, these boards aren't specifically listed as panfandom; they're either 98% original or 100% Harvest Moon. This isn't isolated to one board, either. It's on several boards. In fact it almost came to the one I ran, but I put my foot down. But most admins seem to be okay with this wrong-canon-ness, even joining in on it.

This really, truly baffles me. Why don't you just play on a Glee or Phoenix Wright forum? Or why don't you set up your own AU or panfandom if you want to play with characters not in those canons, or those canon characters in a totally different situation?

One day if I snap and start submitting joke applications to games, my character will be Gregory Mann. He's a hobo who likes to pretend he's a detective, and he goes around wearing an old timey trenchcoat and fedora. He misses milkmen and refuses to believe they were obsoleted by refrigerators, instead holding the belief that some person or group is hiding them for sinister purposes. He spends most of the time sneaking around, and if anyone looks at him funny, he whips out a prop and pretends to be someone else.

If this character actually got accepted, then it would become a game to see how long I could play him without anyone getting the reference.
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Random Announcement

So my public library was formerly capable of doing one thing right, and now they've screwed that up ten ways past Sunday, too.

...Yeah, public library, I hate you. A lot.

That is all.

P.S. I'm finally working my way through my "Movies to watch before I die" list. I plan on watching Pleasantville tonight. If you have anything you think I should add (or something already on the list that I should really get to watching ASAP), tell me.
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The Sunny Island Saga, Chapter 2: Case of the Vanishing Affiliates

Well, I asked for a new chapter, didn't I? It doesn't have anything to do with an idiot member, at least, so I have my sanity and these posts are less likely to be angry raging for five paragraphs and more... paranoid tendencies, maybe. Maybe even with some conspiracy theories involved. Adventure, intrigue, all that good stuff.

...And by the by, Sunny Island is the name of the board. XD So yes, let's tell Chapter 2.

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The End of One Saga, the Beginning of Another

Idiot girl on the Harvest Moon roleplay forum was permanently banned for defying all expectations and still being an idiot after suspension.

You ask how it's possible to demonstrate your idiocy while still on a temporary ban.

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What happens now? I have my sanity back, certainly. And without her around to sap my energy, I'd like to put all my effort into making the board a better place. She was our most active member and it may be difficult getting activity back up there, but it's bound to happen eventually. I'd like to consider this a new chapter for the board, and hopefully one with less frustration and drama.

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Idiot girl got a temp ban for being an idiot. If she so much as looks sideways when she returns, she's getting a full banhammer.

I got a new mod to help me. She's actually doing work instead of lurking.

Things still aren't great, but they're getting a little bit better.

Also, go see Princess and the Frog. I don't feel like a full write-up but I'll say it's Disney at the very top of their game, stronger than I've seen in at least a decade. Although I didn't see Lilo and Stitch, which I also heard was very good. But regardless... yes, it's a very good movie.
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Things in Harvest Moon RP land are not very swell.

First off--that staff member I got three days ago? She quit last night. Funnily enough, she quit the very second I assigned her work. So once again I'm alone and desperately looking for a staff member because I just cannot juggle rules revisions, application reviews, and about ten threads by myself.

And then all the members are passive aggressive and say things like "Well, I can be as active as you" and then log on once a week. If you had my outrageous work load, you'd be posting this infrequently too.

But okay, the real reason I'm posting this is because I need some second opinions on a particular member.

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Thanks for taking the time to read that, and if you leave a comment with feedback, that's appreciated, too. =3
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